Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This should be a gesture for Seth MacFarlane

I don't know much about Jennifer Lawrence but I love her attitude in this photo - she's aiming this gesture at paparazzi.

I never watch awards show - pretty much all arts awards are bullshit and the fact that "Lincoln" lost to "Argo" is once again evidence of this. I liked "Argo" but ain't no way it is better than  "Lincoln."

And as far as Seth MacFarlane - well I knew he was a huge asshole so his performance was no surprise - if it lives up to the complaints - I didn't watch it. I thought Amy Davidson in the New Yorker had some interesting things to say about the whole deal:
“We Saw Your Boobs” was as a song-and-dance routine in which MacFarlane and some grinning guys named actresses in the audience and the movies in which their breasts were visible. That’s about it. What made it worse was that most of the movies mentioned, if not all (“Gia”), were pretty great—“Silkwood,” “Brokeback Mountain,” “Monster’s Ball,” “Monster,” “The Accused,” “Iris”—and not exactly teen-exploitation pictures. The women were not showing their bodies to amuse Seth MacFarlane but, rather, to do their job. Or did they just think they were doing serious work? You girls think you’re making art, the Academy, through MacFarlane, seemed to say, but all we—and the “we” was resolutely male—really see is that we got you to undress. The joke’s on you. At a moment when Sheryl Sandberg, the Facebook chief operating officer, talks about how women have to “lean in” in the workplace, Seth MacFarlane pops up from behind to say, “So we can see your boobs.”