Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Michael Moore, Crackers and me

Years before there was the Daily Show there was Michael Moore's TV Nation. I just realized that the show is available online so I get to post the episode I appeared in (briefly) during the segment with Crackers the Corporate Crime-fighting Chicken.

Crackers came to Philadelphia one Saturday morning in 1996 and my boyfriend John and I were there in the crowd. Here's John and I on the left at minute 1:58 - we're both wearing sunglasses and I have a wide-brimmed hat and I'm raising my fist.

I'm kind of nostalgic watching this. This is the only video where John and I appear together, except for a certain video we made which John kept and which I hope to god never shows up on the Internet.

Our friend Bob, aka The Reverend Bookburn, also wearing shades, was there that day too (minute 2:43) - he's the one in the middle:

Here is the entire segment: