Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You Me Bum Bum Train

My actor pal Amanda Thickpenny was performing in my THE SLASH this time last year. So what's she up to these days while attending the Royal Academy of the Dramatic Arts? Well for one thing performing in the best-titled show ever You Me Bum Bum Train - she writes about it on her blog.

But apparently it's like Fight Club and nobody's allowed to talk about what goes on during this show. Although Richard Mason of the web site Don't Panic seems to have broken the rules...
Entering the Train I found myself at the entrance to a night club. A bunch of gurning teenagers asked me for cigarettes before I was told to move on by a bouncer. I stumbled down a flight of stairs and found myself in a young girl's bedroom. We had a brief chat where I asked her if she had slept alright and she said she had. Then I was in an airport security check where I was searched by an officious German security guard who confiscated my bag and valuables. From there I stumbled into a dentist’s chair who tried to pull a perfectly healthy tooth. And so the Bum Bum Train continued. 
Well OK then. It sounds interesting, but nothing could live up to the title.