Sunday, February 12, 2012

Louis & Ewan

I had heard of Louis C. K. but never saw his work, or knew anything about him, other then he is supposed to be very funny. I happened to be looking at some clips of him on Youtube and I was absolutely amazed by this clip, where he confesses his desire for Ewan McGregor, although Louis is straight:

Normally I would think he was not serious - he's a stand-up comedian and they're supposed to say surprising things -  but I actually think he is serious and who could blame him? Ewan McGregor really is a beautiful man. And I am really impressed that Louis C. K. can stand there in front of an audience and admit this. How refreshing.

McGregor himself has no trouble playing gay:

And nobody can wear a kilt like Ewan McGregor.

It always amazes me how much kilts look like the skirts of the Catholic school uniforms I wore in grammar school. These schools had no pretensions of being Scottish but for some reason that pleated & plaid look was all the rage.