Thursday, June 17, 2010

Isn't that nice?

Renee Cole, one of the actor members of NYCPlaywrights, baked this cake for our last meeting of the year before summer hiatus. How about that? It was delicious too.

Nobody gets down on NYCPlaywrights harder than me, with my rants about old men, etc. But I really have created something - I'm not always sure exactly WHAT - but these meetings do have an impact on people's lives. And I read somewhere that even belonging to a group that meets once a month increases a person's quality of life. And we usually meet once a week. This past year people have begun bringing snacks to meetings, including wine. We've sometimes had three bottles of wine contributed to a single meeting - I usually bring cheese and crackers to go with the wine. And while snacks aren't necessary to a group that meets to read plays, it's a very nice thing - especially for hungry actors.

And not EVERY meeting features me freaking out at some clueless sexist old man. Why some meetings come and go without me making a single scene!