Saturday, March 29, 2008

Men in their early 40s are in denial

It is striking, this phenomenon. On online dating sites, so many men in their early-mid 40s list the MAXIMUM age of the women they are looking for as mid-30s. And mind you, most of these men are not especially attractive.

And the crazy thing is that women in their 40s usually look so much better than most men that age - they are more likely to dress well, to dye and style their hair, (and of course many men that age barely have hair) they take better care of their teeth and their health and they are more likely to work out.

These 40-something men are living in the past, when there were two different standards for male and female desirability: men had money, women had youth and beauty.

Well I guess it's understandable these men don't want to give up that male privilege. In the same way that too many women still don't understand that part of equality is paying your share of expenses.

But no mistake, that's what this phenomenon is - an expression of male privilege, plain and simple. These 40-something men TOTALLY buy into the idea that males are innately more desirable - just flat out BETTER - than women of the same age.

But judging by the age ranges desired by men in their middle-late 40s, most of them snap out of it eventually, and start considering women their own age.

The rest of them probably just rent 20-something prostitutes.