Monday, March 03, 2008

I hugged David Hyde Pierce

David Hyde Pierce has a reputation as a really cool down-to-earth guy, so I was not entirely surprised that he responded to my invitation to stop by and visit my JANE EYRE production by actually stopping by - but I was still thrilled.

We closed today and I was helping load up a truck with set pieces and props. Somebody came up to me and said "David Hyde Pierce is looking for you."

I went back into the theatre, there he was, and I just hugged him - I couldn't stop myself somehow. He's just very huggable. Or maybe because I'm so familiar with his work it feels like I know him.

I then introduced him to some of the actors from JANE EYRE who were also helping with the load out.

And then he was gone. *siiiigh*

But still, it was great, he's great and you should go see his show Curtains because I've heard that it is great.