Sunday, October 09, 2022

You're welcome NYC!

I will always think of these two as my signs
Last year I had a bad experience on the MTA - what a surprise.

It wasn't due to a public masturbator but rather because of bad signage. I went into the subway station at 14th St. and 6th Avenue and was looking for the stairs to the uptown F train. But all the signs said downtown. I ended up walking a city block to the 15th Street entrance looking for a sign that said Uptown F train. Not finding one, I walked all the way back only to see the sign - but you couldn't see it unless you were walking in that direction towards 14th Street.

I mentioned this to the surly guy in the booth who implied that the fault was mine rather than the bad signage.

I wrote to the MTA and complained about the situation and lo and behold, three months later I got an email from the MTA that said: "a member of our Signage team conducted an inspection and based on your helpful feedback we will be adding a sign above the staircase to the downtown F /M platform directing customers to use that stairway to access uptown..."

And the other day I happened to travel to a store near 14th so I checked it out - and there it was! 

You can fight city hall.