Saturday, October 15, 2022

You're a Big Girl Now

Blood on the Tracks by Bob Dylan was one of the first albums I owned. This was back in the last century, when music was recorded onto waxed discs and had to be purchased one album at a time, or even one single song at a time. You had to go to a physical store and hand over your cash money. Or in one case, I shop-lifted the single "Hurricane" - also by Bob Dylan - from the Cherry Hill Mall Sound Odyssey.

I didn't steal Blood on the Tracks, I won it in a game of chance on a boardwalk at the Jersey shore. Since it was one of the very few albums I owned, I listened to it a lot. Then I forgot about it and didn't really think about it again until last week, when I decided to listen to the whole thing through. Because nowadays you can basically listen to any song ever recorded, either for free on Youtube or inexpensively through an Apple Music account or something similar.

While listening to Blood on the Tracks, I was pretty surprised to find that I still knew the lyrics to Rosemary, Lily and the Jack of Hearts perfectly. But what surprised me most was the song "You're A Big Girl Now." It barely made an impression when I listened to it last century, but last week it blew me away.

I don't know if being almost a half century older makes the difference, or if the sound quality is just that much better, but I really loved it. Dylan's whooooahs! just grab me. And the guitars are wonderful.