Monday, October 17, 2022

RIP Geri Harkin-Tuckett

Geri Tuckett, October 19, 1987
©NG McClernan
I wrote a post about Geri Harkin-Tuckett back in 2015, when I hadn't had contact with her for over 20 years. 

Our relationship had always been a bit of a roller-coaster since we met at the Philadelphia College of Art (now the University of the Arts) but it was pleasant after we re-connected on Facebook, shortly after I wrote that blog post.

But poor Geri had a horrible condition: hyperacusis and was basically house-bound - even without the pandemic - for the last seven or so years of her life.

But we chatted now and then on Facebook. 

She died last week and I didn't realize it until today when I decided to check in and see how she was doing.

Her niece Julia posted the news on Facebook.  

Then she told me via Facebook Messenger that it was lung cancer that got Geri.

Considering that both the portraits I drew of her include a lit cigarette, I guess it isn't a surprise. I wonder now if somehow the hyperacusis was another symptom as the mass in her lung grew.