Saturday, March 09, 2019

Kathy Griffin, American hero

My opinion of Kathy Griffin has gone up and down over the years - mostly up but every now and then... although I have been defending her for years.

No matter what though, I think there's no denying she is a true blue American hero.

In this video, for what appears to be a venture capital company, she seems disappointed and frustrated with the audience response. But I think she's expecting the kind of adulation she gets from her stand-up audience - but this isn't her stand-up audience. I think they like her though, they are just quieter than what she is used to.

The letter she reads towards the end of this clip, written for her by a board member of CBS to send to Trump (she names him in a different interview as Arnie Cobolson) is so groveling it reminded me of something out of "I, Claudius," of the way people would speak to Tiberius or Caligula.

That's the kind of tyrant that Trump would be if given a chance, his personality is exactly suited to being a Roman emperor. And the disgusting sleaze-bag Republican party and all the filthy monstrous MAGAs would love to give him that chance.

Watch the video. Griffin has been through some serious shit.

Funny story about me and Kathy Griffin, sort of. Years ago I had a huge crush on a guy, an actor, who didn't care for me but for whatever reason my feelings for him hung on for a long time in spite of that. I wrote poems about it and all. (Most of them are not good, but I think a few hold up.)

Kathy Griffin on
Law and Order SVU
This image forced her
character to come out
as a bisexual.
During the tail end of the crush, the actor played Kathy Griffin's boyfriend in an episode of Law and Order SVU. He got very little screen time - in fact most of his exposure in the episode was a still image - a selfie from his character's cellphone, kissing Kathy's character. In the plot this was a big deal because Kathy's character was an outspoken lesbian.

At the time the SVU episode was made, Kathy, although clearly a liberal with strong political opinions, mostly steered clear of politics to talk about celebrities. But she's become much more political thanks to being harassed by Trump and by MAGAs - so that she seems now much more like her SVU character than before.