Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The important career of Cathy Young

Although Cathy Young felt she could cast aspersions on my career as a playwright, she isn't doing as well as one would expect from someone on the Koch brothers dole. She started a Patreon account in November 2015 and contrary to what her self-importance might lead you to believe, she only has 53 patrons to date.

Even from this partial image of her Patreon page it's clear that her focus is on hating feminism: "from feminism to a gender equality movement." The implication there is that feminism isn't really about gender equality.

What must it be like to be so focused on hating a group of people promoting the idea that women are human beings? Young called me a psycho in a tweet, but I submit that being focused on attacking women's aspirations is a far more certain indicator of psychopathy than any signs I have displayed.