Saturday, August 25, 2018

How Robin DiAngelo normalizes Donald Trump's racism

If Robin DiAngelo is not working for the Republican party, she might as well be.

In DiAngelo's worldview, progressives are the worst people in the world. She says in her latest book "White Fragility"

"I believe that white progressives cause the most daily damage to people of color." 

If you follow DiAngelo's beliefs to their logical conclusion, no white person can accuse Donald Trump of racism because all white people are just as racist as Donald Trump. As she says in her Slate interview:

You asked me, “What would you call the difference perhaps between Trump and me?” But I actually think, yeah, we both are racists."

This is why Robin DiAngelo is hurting the cause of anti-racism, and not helping it. By normalizing racism and by attacking the people who are trying to be anti-racist and by helping those who favor racism - Trump and Trump voters.

But what does it matter, as long as Robin DiAngelo can make a living with her pernicious crackpot extremist claims about progressives? 

This is why Robin DiAngelo is an evil woman.