Thursday, May 03, 2018


Here is MLK saying exactly what I said throughout my evo-psycho bros series. Of course he said it long before I did, but I hadn't heard of him saying these things. Not that my observations about the state of African Americans being the descendants of people who had nothing and were given nothing were especially hard to come by, anybody looking at the historical record could see what I saw. King adds the point that many white immigrants were given land out West, while the recent descendants of the enslaved were not.

When the evolutionary psychologists and human biodiversity proponents and socio-biologists and biosocial criminologists claim that black people are innately inferior they often use African Americans' crime rates to make their case. But the only way they can maintain their belief that the AA crime rate is a genetic inheritance is DELIBERATE IGNORANCE. 

And those are the people whom Steven Pinker has supported for well over ten years now.