Sunday, September 10, 2017

The future is now baby - skies to mergatroyd!

You can now translate my blog into other languages because why the hell not - the future is now baby.

Apparently the name of this site in French is Cieux a Mergatroyd which is literally "skies to mergatroyd" when I ran it back through Google translate's main web site. 

In other French news, I had to explain to my French teacher, who was born in Paris, who, exactly Pepe  Le Pew is. Which was as embarrassing as you probably guessed it was. How would you explain: "The only Warner Brothers character who is French talks like Maurice Chevalier, and is an inter-species serial sexual assaulter - a literal pussy-grabber - who is too dim, or maybe too deranged by uncontrollable lust to tell the difference between a female skunk and a black female cat with a painted white stripe down her back."