Thursday, September 14, 2017

Really, French people?

This guy hurts my eyes.
I'm certainly not going to claim we've banished sexism in the US, but it's my impression that the French are somewhat behind us, in general, when it comes to gender equality.

There would never have been a controversy about an aesthetic gap between actors there, as there was here about the TV series Love because almost all the male actors in French movies and TV are ugly. Not surprising since Gerard Depardieu, who has been an ugly blob for at least the past 30 years is considered sexy there.

These posters for French romantic comedies demonstrate the extreme lack of attractiveness of French movie actors. My French teacher, who is from France, claims to find Gad Elmaleh (top image) attractive - this is probably the result of being fed ugly men as the romantic ideal her entire life.

This guy is handsome by French film
standards - of course he's paired with a hotter
woman who is ten years younger.

The pairing of ugly men with attractive women is the surest sign that the French film industry is dominated by men even more than Hollywood is, and French society even more accepting of male dominance than American society.

But really, this concept for "Moshi" is over the top even for the French. According to the web site for Albertine, where I first heard of Moshi:

MOSHI is a witty mustache which sticks on children’s face to teach them how to philosophize and express their ideas in artistic ways.
Every MOSHI workshop is unique but are based on 2 pillars : philosophy and arts. Indeed, philosophy is a tool to develop children’s creativity.

So to learn how to philosophize and express your ideas in an artistic way you have to symbolically become a man.
Ugly and he looks about 60

Although two of the most important leaders of the French-speaking world are feminists (Macron and Trudeau) the French still have a ways to go.

They actually did have a beautiful hot actor once in French films, Vincent Perez, but he's old now.