Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The guy who writes Dilbert is still a misogynist idiot

From Misogynist Dilbert Tumbler 
By way of We Hunted the Mammoth comes a reminder that Scott Adams, who became notorious for his misogyny and general douchebaggery in 2011, is still a complete MRA-sympathizing asshole:

In a blog post that is incoherent even by his standards, Adams compares the male-dominated societies of the Middle East with what he describes as “female-dominated countries” like the US.
In his mind, American men live in a matriarchal dystopia in which women force men to pay for dinner and open car doors for them: 
When I go to dinner, I expect the server to take my date’s order first. I expect the server to deliver her meal first. I expect to pay the check. I expect to be the designated driver, or at least manage the transportation for the evening. And on the way out, I will hold the door for her, then open the door to the car. 
Weird, because I’ve literally never had a date like that. And even if all this were true, as a general thing, it wouldn’t be proof that the US is “female-dominated.” Chivalry is part of patriarchy, not proof of matriarchy. 
When we get home, access to sex is strictly controlled by the woman.  
Er, dude, that’s how sex works. Both sex partners have to agree to it, otherwise it’s rape. And men have veto power when it comes to sex just like women do. Women aren’t allowed to force themselves on unwilling partners any more than men are.
WTF is it with some men going completely batshit with the misogyny once they hit about 50 or so? I had to unfriend my friend-since-high school Matt on Facebook earlier this year because his rants sounded exactly like Scott Adams'.

Adams responded to We Hunted the Mammoth, referring to its proprietor David Futrelle as "this Outrageist" and completely misrepresenting Futrelle's critique. There is something wrong with this guy.