Thursday, October 08, 2015

Not Nina again

Well for the third time I've been told I look like Nina Hartley - this is really getting to be annoying. It's not that much of a compliment to look like a porn star who is older than me.

I took a look at her web site at, which requires an age verification because it's basically just a bunch of pornos featuring Nina Hartley. I watched part of one of them, one of the very few featuring an attractive male. She has sex much more often with women, or with men who aren't very attractive. That's still a huge reason why so little porn does anything for me - most of the men in pornos are so damn average looking - not to mention the camera focuses on the women, unless it's gay porn.

What turns me on is being with a man I care about, and if it's a man I don't know, like in porn, he better  be damn good-looking or I just don't see the point. Until pornos are made with men who are as handsome as regular movie stars - or hell, even just some of the handsome men I know in real life, I have little use for it. Which is why, although I like the concept of Cindy Gallop's Make Love Not Porn, I just don't have any desire to watch pudgy balding middle-aged men having sex.

But back to Nina - not only are very few attractive men featured in her videos but the one I saw with an attractive man was presented in such an incredibly matter-of-fact manner it was about as erotic as watching her get her hair styled. No, not even that erotic.

 She makes some interesting non-sex videos though aimed at sex education. I found this one especially interesting because she is answering questions from the Bloggess, whom I have mentioned on this blog before.