Wednesday, August 05, 2015

The cowardly, sneaky feminist-hating Evan Marc Katz

Dating advice huckster Evan Marc Katz likes to claim he's a liberal and pro-feminist:
(Suzanne Venker) holds special contempt for feminists, Hollywood, liberals, atheists, and casual sex, and since I believe in all five of those things, I could feel the heat rising when I learned how folks like me are unable to have successful and meaningful relationships.
Well as a wise person once said, actions speak louder than words. So while Katz is claiming to be pro-feminist, he's promoting the advice of extreme feminist-haters.

I've already pointed out that he recommended the idiotic advice of a non-credentialed feminist hater named Andrew Aitkin.

And in spite of his protestations against Venker, he goes right ahead and quotes her book "How to Choose a Husband" approvingly:
Because her case is actually quite a compelling one. And it’s one I’ve been making on the pages of this blog for six years...
...From p. 122 “I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “you’ll attract more bees with honey than you will with vinegar.” This is the very aspect of human nature against which feminists have rebelled. To them, being sweet means being a doormat. They are wrong. Being feminine – kind, soft, nurturing, or whatever adjective you prefer – is only suffocating if you’re in love with a Neanderthal…. Most men are much nicer than feminists would have you believe. And if you treat them with honey as opposed to vinegar, you’d be surprised what you’ll get in return.”
Now Katz, Aitken, and Venker don't need to actually cite any dastardly feminists saying these nasty things that they like to attribute to feminists - because bigots don't need evidence.

And Katz is at it again. On his blog today I found him recommending another vicious feminist-slanderer Dr. Robert Glover.
Here Glover claims that Elliot Rodger was not motivated by misogyny - apparently in Glover's world, there's no such thing as misogyny, since if Rodger wasn't one, in spite of his clear manifesto, then nobody is. Which would of course let Glover, Aitken, Venker and Katz off the hook, wouldn't it?
Culturally Accepted Misogyny. Rodger’s anti-female rants have brought the feminists out of the woodwork. Even though Rodger is obviously homicidally rageful at women, as I write this, the body count includes more men than women. We can’t put this on misogyny.
Of course in Glover's world feminists come "out of the woodwork" because no doubt Glover doesn't know any actual feminists, personally.

Here he uses the word patriarchy in quotes - which would make sense since he denies misogyny exists so surely patriarchy is a figment of feminist imagination.
I grew up in the 60’s and heard all the feminist rhetoric about the “patriarchy” – the evils of men – and how “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” (The woman who said that later married a very wealthy man.)
He's attacking Gloria Steinem there, by the way, but like Evan Marc Katz, he's too passive-aggressive to name her. Steinem herself was wealthy when she married David BaleWealthy people tend to know other wealthy people. But Glover seems to think it's some kind of anti-feminist gotcha.

Finally, laughably, Glover considers Maureen Dowd a feminist. Of course I've heard people describe right-wing freaks like Camille Paglia and Christine Hoff Summers as feminists, when their entire schtick is to attack feminism.

Well if you can gas-light away misogyny and patriarchy, you can believe anything you want.

There needs to be a book written about the insanely high amount of feminist-bashing promoted by dating advice hucksters. But at least Aitken, Venker and Glover own their hatred of feminists - Evan Marc Katz won't own it - he just promotes people who do hate feminists.

Because Evan Marc Katz is a little weasel.

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