Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Unusual Marilyn Pix

UPDATE: my play about Marilyn Monroe will be performed in Manhattan February 20 - 26, 2017.

There are so many photos of Marilyn Monroe available via the Internet. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions. And not even just from when she was famous - not even just when she was a pretty pin-up model, although there are thousands of those alone. 

Considering she came from a working-class background it's surprising how many photos there are of her as a child and teenager. The photo above, taken by her first professional photographer, Andre de Dienes is probably my favorite photo of Monroe - this was taken when she was Norma Jeane Baker. Not only does she look unusually normal, she looks almost contemporary - if her jeans were skinnier and had a few holes she would look like a teenager from the 2010s. 

Below are some of my favorite photos of Monroe.

As a gawky pre-teen - even Marilyn Monroe had an awkward phase!

Monroe visiting her mother Gladys (center, looking over her left shoulder)
probably taken by Andre De Dienes

With Ana Lower, the aunt of her legal guardian Grace Goddard.
Lower was Monroe's favorite of all her guardians and she attended Christian Science services with her.
She was only able to live with her for two years because of Lower's failing health.

Ballet dancer Marilyn