Monday, February 16, 2015

90s Brunch Playlist

I had a nice Presidents Day brunch with my daughter - we had planned it in advance so we went out into the icy cold to LIC Markets in Long Island City. I had a frittata - it was very good but what were they thinking with the music selection? I mean, I like the Pixies and Sonic Youth - those bands' members are my contemporaries, or even a little older than me in several cases. And I consider Pixies' album Doolittle a masterpiece.

So it isn't a situation of me going "the young people's music today is just noise" but damn they cranked up the music and if you are at all familiar with those bands you'll realize that few people would consider their stuff to be ideal brunch-eating music - luckily I had my Shazam app so I could determine exactly which songs they were - I'm not a Pixies/Sonic Youth scholar the way I am with say, the Beatles or Steely Dan:
  • Tunic - Sonic Youth 
  • Bone Machine - Pixies
  • Bodysnatchers - Radiohead
  • What We Know - Sonic Youth
Judge for yourself if you would consider this brunch music, and remember it was played loud.

My taste in brunch music runs to Bach or early Fleetwood Mac.