Friday, December 19, 2014

The rich vein of Ayn Rand-based comedy

It's always good fun to parody the "philosophy" of Ayn Rand, although it is really easy, to be perfectly honest. I did it myself in my play DARK MARKET. In fact, it's the first thing she says in the play:

Miss Rand? Are you here to haunt me like Jacob Marley?

How dare you! You know I hate “Christmas Carol”! That tale of an heroic businessman, Ebenezer Scrooge, forced by supernatural beings to give his wealth to that moocher Bob Crachett and his family of worthless parasites. 

Good times. And of course Objectivists really do hate "A Christmas Carol" as I documented a couple of years ago.

So of course I enjoyed this recent New Yorker parody. The conceit is that Ayn Rand is reviewing children's movies. My favorite:
“The Muppets Take Manhattan”
This movie was a disappointment. The Muppets do not take Manhattan at all. They merely visit it. —No stars.