Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tiny theater world - still tiny

One of the people in the 365 Women playwrights group with me is married to this right-winger David Marcus - here he claims that David Mamet's OLEANNA is "just as relevant and present now as it was when Mamet wrote it in reaction to the Clarence Thomas hearings."

OLEANNA, as I detail here, is a right-wing fantasy about a noble professor brought down by a crazy college student controlled by a shadowy Group. It had no relevance when it was first produced, much less now - except as an example of the deranged panic of right-wing men.

Although I didn't realize it was a reaction to the Clarence Thomas hearings, but if it was, it's pretty suitable since Clarence Thomas is possibly one of the worst Supreme Court justices ever who lied his way onto the Court.

Deranged right-wing men will always watch each others' backs. Which is the only possible reason that Marcus would even reference a complete loser like Jonah Goldberg.

 What I really don't understand is how his wife, who is not a right-winger, can stand to be near him, much less be married to him. I won't go so far as to call all right-wingers idiots, but I will say that their understanding of the world is so extremely different from my own that there is virtually no way to connect with them on a personal level - you might as well try to communicate with a Venusian - a Venusian who believes that Venusians are superior in every way, and gets everything wrong, and has a belligerent attitude covered, if at all, by the most transparent veneer of civility.

I don't see how you wouldn't want to throttle them after five minutes in their presence.