Thursday, November 13, 2014

Shazam Radio

I never listen to the radio any more and I'm sure I'm not alone - now that everything is online there's little reason to, unless you have a car. I admit I do miss driving and listening to the radio - there's nothing like blazing down the highway with your favorite song blasting.

The radio used to be how new music was disseminated. Now I discover new music at coffee shops and restaurants and fast-food places. My first big newer-music discovery was Boxer by Lovers - I heard it at a Pret a Manger and asked the guy behind the counter what it was.

Now I don't even have to ask any more, I just use that wonderful app Shazam, which will listen to what's playing and tell you what it is. I use it all the time now. Just last Saturday at the Long Island City restaurant Casa Enrique I Shazammed El Aventurero by Antonio Aguilar.

Last week I Shazammed Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men at the LIC coffee shop The Local.

And I heard Role Me Baby by Big Joe Turner at the Black Mountain Wine House several months ago. They're big on blues and bluegrass there.

Today I discovered All About That Bass in the supermarket.