Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Looking on the bright side...

Here I am at the Queens Library now because my laptop has still not been fixed by those so-called Genii at Apple. I keep looking to my right to see if the guy next to me fell asleep at his computer station - his breathing is so loud. No, he's awake. He just naturally sounds like Darth Vader.

So many inconveniences thanks to one malfunctioning graphics card. Not to mention my journey to the Brooklyn Pit of Filth on Saturday.

I will say though, that my brief friendship with the guy who lives in the BPofF was not without some benefits. For one thing he took me to the Tea Lounge in Park Slope and I quite liked it. I will try to go back again, although hopefully I won't see that guy.

And thanks to him I also discovered Archer. I didn't want to like Archer - it was playing on the guy's huge flat-screen TV in the only relatively clear area in the Pit of Filth, and I really wasn't watching it - I was too busy trying to work on the NYCPlaywrights weekly email blast while my mind was screaming "you need to get out of here!" Yet in spite of all that, I picked up that the dialog on Archer was very clever. So yesterday I couldn't resist any longer - I Googled "cartoon spy show" and found out exactly what it was I had been watching in the BPofF.

And I liked Archer even more when I found out that the main character has tinnitus, just like me. And the people at Audio Notch are pretty excited about it.

It's a definite advantage of dating younger guys - I never heard of Archer before and here it's been on since 2009.

Vulture lists the running jokes on Archer.