Saturday, August 02, 2014

JULIA & BUDDY - last performance

The show feels much longer than 5 performances, because it was stretched out over three weeks from July 17 - August 2. And then there's the production work and the rehearsals - so all told I've been working on this show steadily (in addition to my full-time job) for two freaking months. It's going to be weird when it's over.

So what's up next? Well I committed myself to writing a one-act play about the Bronte sisters for a women's theater project. And of course there is the on-going DARK MARKET, my play about Ayn Rand and the economic melt-down of 2008.

And while I was at the Jersey shore this week I saw a structure (below) that reminded me of the play I started, based on a short story I wrote for a gay men's magazine called WILDWOOD SUMMER. It was published in Freshmen Magazine in 1996 under a pseudonym - that was the easiest $200 I ever earned.

Anyway, in the story our hero, Vinnie a blue-eyed Italian guy is making money renting out beach things in Wildwood.

This would totally be what his station looked like: