Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Another dating disaster

Well in spite of my sad encounter with the Tawainese hair stylist, I got right back on that dating horse. And again, disaster has ensued.

This guy was a construction worker, youngish, and attractive, although not as attractive as his dating site photos. But he really impressed me by asking me specific questions from my profile, especially about my art background and portrait work. And charmingly, he had grown up in New Orleans.

It took about a single hour for him to morph from that into a good old cigarette-smoking Southern boy who:
  1. Informed me that the Illuminati were behind 9-11
  2. Revealed that the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers were secretly controlling the government
  3. Claimed the government is controlling all our lives
  4. And is planning to take our guns so we can't fight back
  5. When I gave change to a homeless man, he chided me that I might have been contributing to the guy's scam.

By the last item on my list I was completely done. I jumped into the subway and never looked back.

Just kill me now.