Wednesday, June 12, 2013

That perennial tautology - evolutionary psychology douchebag

Devotees of evolutionary psychology are in a never-ending campaign to prove that their  unifying personality trait is extreme douchebaggery.

I've been informally documenting the phenomenon on this blog for years now.

The latest I discovered by way of this week's New York Magazine Approval Matrix - and then I went to Jezebel to check out the response - and I was not disappointed in all the hearty EP-slamming that went on. Although maybe best of all is this GIF of Mr. Rogers flipping the bird times two - although this being Mr. Rogers I do not doubt that what he was actually doing was singing a song about counting up to two.

Without further ado:

I have no doubt that Geoffrey Miller, Twitter handle "@matingmind" considers college classes his personal dating pool and doesn't like fat chicks. Because you know, being fat is a sign of being evolutionarily unfit - never mind that being too thin lowers fertility much more than being too fat. But then EPs just make it up as they go along.

But let us review the douchebaggery of the evolutionary psychologists.

Pinker never misses a chance to claim that the real reason anybody opposes the claims of evolutionary psychology is because they are a leftist. And then he turns around and uses hard-core right-wingers like Razib Khan to support his work.

Apparently he's obsessed with supermodels.

Rybicki defended his "joke" by claiming that it's funny cause it's true, citing the Proceedings of the Third Annual Meeting of the NorthEastern Evolutionary Psychology Society.

For most people who have heard of him, he's the guy who said that women aren't funny. Serves him right.

I disliked Merkin's writing anyway, but I didn't write about it until she wouldn't shut up about how nature made old men hot and old women shit.

he manages to blend that with anti-Muslim bigotry so perfectly.

Because according to Evolutionary Psychology women have evolved to only mate with men who have more money than them.