Saturday, May 05, 2012

Internet Eye Health Day

No posting here yesterday (Friday, May 4) because I declared that day as "Internet Eye Health Day." I normally spend too much time online and then I decided to get involved in the whole Drupal/MAMP programming environments and blam! gave myself a serious case of eye strain. So in order to force myself to stay offline for a whole day, I went to lunch with a friend and then off to Central Park.

I must confess I did peek at my email and Facebook with my iPhone. I'm not a saint.

But I got some very nice photos at the Conservatory Garden on the upper East Side of Central Park. And now that it's no longer IEHD I can post them.

The statue in the English garden
tulips eye view
I'm not sure what these flowers are - this is in the French garden
The well-named butterfly bush - I got some amazing butterfly pix

In this zoom-in you can see there are two butterflies in the shot

You can see the butterfly's probiscus in this shot - freaky!