Tuesday, May 15, 2012

3 movies to see

This is certainly unusual - there are now three movies recently released or about to be that I want to see - and I want to see so few mainstream movies in any given year:

Marley - Bob Marley was a supreme musical genius and this movie promises all kinds of previously unseen footage

The Dictator - I've been a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen since Da Ali G Show. I haven't seen his Borat or Bruno movies - I feel like I saw that schtick on Ali G - but I really want to see The Dictator. He gets to have an actual plotted story this time, and he gets some good satire into this one. Word from critics is that he gives a speech at the end that is a critique of the US financial system. A perfect target.

And finally Hysteria, which is on the exact same theme as Sarah Ruhl's In the Next Room.

It does look rather silly, but who could object to the cause of female orgasms? The movie is classified as a romantic comedy and I strongly suspect it will end up on my non-misogynist romance movies list.

Also Hugh Dancy looks much cuter in Victorian get-up and hairstyle than he does in his current incarnation in VENUS IN FUR.