Tuesday, September 20, 2011

how Bill Steyert is spending his retirement

Regular readers of this blog may recall I met Bill Steyert at last year's rally in support of the Muslim community center planned for a couple of blocks away from the World Trade Center site. I saw him mentioned in the NYTimes again, and there he is yet again in Saturday's NYTimes, protesting Wall Street.
Bill Steyert, 68, who lives in Forest Hills, Queens, stood near the barricades at Wall Street and Broadway and shouted, “Shut down Wall Street, 12 noon, you’re all invited,” as tourists gazed quizzically at him.
Talking to a reporter, he elaborated, “You need a scorecard to keep track of all the things that corporations have done that are bad for this country.”
Dude gets around. I shouldn't be surprised his name keeps showing up, as I observed in my video of the rally last year, the press loves ole Bill Steyert.