Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nudity required - no pay - and no respect either

A low-budget director I blogged about last year when his casting call showed up on Nudity Required, No Pay had an online conversation in the comments section of his blog with another low-budget director recently.


Like, one guy said you shouldn't bang your actresses until AFTER the shoot, and I have found that to be helpful advice. BEFORE or DURING seems to cause problems.


Dude. An actress? Even afterwards there's PLENTY o' problems. ;-)">

Putting aside whether banging actresses is even likely to be a real problem for these men, it gives you some idea of the absolute lack of respect they have for the women who work for free (at least in the second director's case, I don't know if the first director pays or not) to make their movies.

So to sum up - nude scenes, no pay, and you're considered an available piece of ass. And not even a nice, compliant piece of ass - you might give these, your betters, problems. And mind you, this isn't locker room talk in the locker room - it's right there where any of the women who act for them, especially the second director, can read it. Basically their attitude is - fuck you bitches, you don't deserve money and you don't deserve respect.