Sunday, September 18, 2011

better neighborhoods and gardens

The neighborhoods around Astoria Park have quite a collection of well-maintained gardens. Some are quite striking and even beautiful.

Some lovely purple foxglove:

I couldn't help noticing that the pineapple post-topper is very popular these days:

And lions are perennial favorites for domestic statuary - they are so ubiquitous I'm not even going to bother posting any pix. Instead I'll post the unusual pug dog toppers pixture:

And the nesting bird toppers, which were pretty, but they had about ten of them lined up in a row and I thought it was too much - these statues are a little too busy for too much repetition:

I thought this small front-yard design was pretty striking but it had one too many statues - the Saint Francis in the back doesn't work, IMHO.

And these people went completely overboard with the statuary: