Wednesday, August 24, 2011

random blog fun

Oh Damn You Autocorrect, you are killing me!

Cookie Monster sings Tom Waits' "God's Away on Business"

The entire movie "My Dinner with Andre" is available for viewing on Youtube. Part 1:

I watched the movie again - Schopenhauer is name-checked towards the end of the movie. I hadn't noticed that before.

Also the movie is so quaint now - in this first part Wallace Shawn talks about all his errands that day - making phone calls, going to the stationary store, going to the post office to mail out copies of his plays. And neither he nor Andre look at their cell phones once during the entire dinner.

Speaking of Schopenhauer - wags liked to point out that Schopenhauer's primary relationship was with his poodle. This sketch is by a contemporary of Schopenhauer, Wilhelm Busch.

My kittehs - such cutie-wootie pussy-woosies!

They each get an entry in Wiki: Black cat - Siamese cat.

Miss Willow is the black cat and could pass for Basement Cat.