Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Martin Denton's sausage fest

I've already blogged about the bullshit boosterism of the NY Innovative Theatre - NYTheatre.com axis and their efforts to colonize off-off Broadway by handing out innumerable awards, quashing reviews that are "too negative" and allowing friends to review shows without revealing the conflict of interest.

These people are the absolute standard of conventionalism and back-slapping careerism. Schmoozing is how you get ahead in this part of the theatre world.

And men, as we know, have much more free time to schmooze than women do. So it's no surprise that Martin Denton's Indie TheaterNow.com lists 86 playwrights and of that there is a total of 15 female playwrights. Or 17.5%. And this is off-off Broadway, where the female representation is supposed to be respectable.

More like ManlyTheatreNow.com or maybe SausageTheatreLastCentury.com.

Interesting quote from Gary Garrison of the Dramatists Guild that I found here:
And of course, it is worth noting that there are now thousands of female playwrights in the United States. For example, women constitute 40% of the Dramatists Guild today; 2,230 females are members. – Gary Garrision - “Numbers.” Dramatists Guild of America E-Flash. Newsletter to Members. 26 Feb. 2009.

Just a reminder - women make up just about 50% of humanity.