Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The two loves of my life

They are so different... but each so wonderful in his own way...

Evgeni Plushenko - I cannot describe this performance, except that it's perfection.

And that nerdy genius Paul Krugman - A WHOLE PROFILE IN THE NEW YORKER - FINALLY!
But on the left he was revered. "The book tour for 'The Great Unravelling' was like revival meetings, because so few people were speaking out then," Krugman says. "There was a great event—it was in Berkeley, which devalues it a bit - but there was this event with a joint appearance by Al Franken, Kevin Phillips, and me, with three thousand people in the audience, and when we walked onstage we got a standing ovation. That would have been 2004." "I remember one woman saying, 'I thought I was going crazy until I read you,' " Wells says. "He gave a talk for a small bookstore in Marin County, and the town was so small they didn't have a place big enough to hold it, so they held it in a local church, and they had to open the windows, because people were outside listening."

Read more: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2010/03/01/100301fa_fact_macfarquhar?currentPage=all#ixzz0gJTPuZrw