Friday, February 12, 2010

Hot Man in Regency Period Clothing of the Week - February 12 Edition

Diana Gaston, the author of "The Reputable Rake" tells Risky Regencies why she likes this book cover:
This is why I LOVED my cover for A Reputable Rake. I could not have asked for a better cover, by far my favorite. The Rake is just so handsome and his expression perfectly represents the hero of the book.

I concur - he's a hotty. The longer than usual hair makes the difference I think but also, he's slightly more boyish and pretty than the standard rock-hard jaw guys most often used in these things.

Diane has her own blog, and she provides an excerpt from the novel and alas, it's rather lame. However, the story of the woman who inspired the heroine of her novel is pretty interesting - and better written.