Thursday, February 25, 2010

oh dear

I see whineypants is still having a hissy fit over being accused of exploitation. But he's trying to pass it off as a joke, both twittering and blogging things to the effect of - hey, look at me - I'm an exploiter - hah hah.

I suspect that he believes that because actors are nice to him they are all perfectly happy with everything and never ever talk shit behind his back. Obliviousness is a kind of paradise, I suppose.

All these aging boys with their toys in their bubbles - it's like Edward Einhorn who told me once:
"Well, I think the theory behind it all is that the actors get the glory of having being on stage, which is why they are usually happy to work for free... "
People who have never lived hand-to-mouth seem incapable of conceiving of a world where other people do. And why would off-off Broadway / independent film actors living in New York during the worst economic times since the Great Depression need something as mundane and uncreative as money, anyway?

And yes, I don't mind at all if he links to my blog again and boosts my monetization. At least SOMEBODY is making money from this guy.