Friday, May 08, 2009

great news for breastfeeders

It appears that breastfeeding is great for the mother's health:
The longer women breastfeed, the lower their risk of heart attacks, strokes and cardiovascular disease, University of Pittsburgh researchers said.

"We have known for years that breastfeeding is important for babies' health; we now know that it is important for mothers' health as well," Dr. Eleanor Bimla Schwarz said in a statement.

The study, published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology, found postmenopausal women who breastfed for at least one month had lower rates of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol -- all known to cause heart disease.

Women who had breastfed their babies for more than a year were 10 percent less likely to have had a heart attack, stroke, or developed heart disease than women who had never breastfed.
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Whoo-hoo! That's good news for me! And it makes up for the sore nipples and leaking through my shirt.

Youtube now has quite a few educational video clips about breast feeding and what appears to be a documentary about a woman who breastfeeds her 8-year-old. I'm pro breastfeeding and all, but that's a bit much. I actually couldn't watch it.