Saturday, February 17, 2007

why are there no "Men's Studies"???

The ninnies came out in droves to cry a Mississippi's worth over poor "PC" victim Lawrence Summers, when Judith Warner wrote a piece about his replacement, an honest-to-god woman. Who happens to have a background in Women's Studies. Some schmuck writes:

Her background is in Women’s Studies which is a curriculum that disparages males. Taken at face value a Women’s Studies program is itself a violation of Title IX equity when there is no offsetting Men’s Studies category, as is nearly always the case.

There are no Men's Studies, schmucko, for the same reason that there is no White History month. Because ALL history is white history. And all studies are men's studies. Great male politicians did this. Great male artists, writers and musicians did that.

And here comes evolutionary psychology - Lawrence Summers' theory of choice - to tell us why - because females are too cowardly, feeble-minded and hobbled by emotions to do anything worth recording for posterity.

Summers is a bad scientist and a worse politician. But he will never be unemployed because the old boy network - the people who still put up roadblocks for women while citing "scientific" female inferiority - will take care of him.