Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The loathesome Camille Paglia tries to re-gain her 15 minutes of fame

Those of you too young to remember Paglia in her glory days missed the horror of pseudo-hipster morons who considered Paglia cool and contrarian because of her constant attacks on real feminists. She was basically a dry run for Ann Coulter.

The fact that Molly Ivins penned this smackdown in 1991, but so many ninnies STILL didn't get what a cretin Paglia was and is, shows that the vast majority truly cannot discern shit from Shinola.

Here is the late great Ivin's perfect summation of Paglia, by way of Pandagon (Amanda's back!) and Faux Real

What we have here, fellow citizens, is a crassly egocentric, raving twit. The Norman Podhoretz of our gender. That this woman is actually taken seriously as a thinker in New York intellectual circles is a clear sign of decandence, decay, and hopeless pinheadedness. Has no one in the nation’s intellectual capital the background and ability to see through a web of categorical assertions? One fashionable line of response to Paglia is to claim that even though she may be fundamentally off-base, she has “flashes of brilliance.'’ If so, I missed them in her oceans of swill.
One of her latest efforts at playing enfant terrible in intellectual circles was a peppy essay for _Newsday_, claiming that either there is no such thing as date rape or, if there is, it’s women’s fault because we dress so provocatively. Thanks, Camille, I’ve got some Texas fraternity boys I want you to meet.
There is one area in which I think Paglia and I would agree that politically correct feminism has produced a noticeable inequity. Nowadays, when a woman behaves in a hysterical and disagreeable fashion, we say, “Poor dear, it’s probably PMS.'’ Whereas, if a man behaves in a hysterical and disagreeable fashion, we say, “What an asshole.'’ Let me leap to correct this unfairness by saying of Paglia, Sheesh, what an asshole.