Thursday, February 01, 2007

This messes up my blogroll

What's going on here? There's a shakeup going down on my blog roll.

I delinked from Majikthese because I got tired of the intrepid girl philosopher's kewl contrarian observations, like how awful those doggie steps are, among other things - I still think of it every time I see a commercial for that humane and innocuous product. So up pops Lindsay Beyerstein as a member of the Tom Tomorrow blog team. I like Amanda at Pandagon, so she announces she's leaving to work for John Edward's presidential candidacy and puts that jerk Chris Clark onto her blog team - it was bad enough that I had to read about how great Chris Clark was in every goddam thread at Pandagon. Chris Clark already had a full-time job, apparently, of commenting on other people's blogs, as well as the occasional freelance work of offering psychiatric diagnoses. Did he really need another gig?

NOW I find that Al Franken is leaving Air America, Evil Li-brul Overlord >:D is shutting down, and I'm tired of reading about those adorable precocious children at Adventures in Ethics and Science.

It's time for a major blogroll shakeup. Think I'll add The Comics Curmudgeon. Especially since I didn't read word one about this schadenfreudefest over the disgrace of the creator of Mallard Fillmore anywhere in the liberal blogosphere. And the comments are genius.
Yes of course I'm cranky. Molly Ivins died.