Friday, March 10, 2006

The New Republic has never heard of Tom Tomorrow

According to Noam Schreiber in the New Republic
The shrewdest observers of human nature in newsprint, such as Tierney's Times colleague David Brooks...

Reading this - thanks to great goddess Echidne for blogging about this first - caused me to burst into laughter because I remembered the classic Tom Tomorrow cartoon Mr. McBobo, the Intellectually Near-sighted pundit. The whole point of that cartoon was exactly how bad an observer of human nature Brooks actually is by comparing him to the literally near-sighted cartoon character Mr. Magoo.

Tom Tomorrow (aka Dan Perkins) should win the Pulitzer for that cartoon alone.

The fact that Noam Schreiber can make such a claim about David Brooks without a hint of irony proves he (and possibly the New Republic) are unfamiliar with This Modern World.

Oh Magoo, you've done it again!

Ooh! Blog-parasite bonus - Tom Tomorrow's blog has a video of right-winger John Derbyshire getting his ass kicked by Bruce Lee - for real.