Saturday, March 04, 2006

Bush is Bad - the Musical

I saw Bush is Bad the Musical last night at the Triad Theatre (located on the upper West Side, aka Blue State Central) in New York and had a great time.

It's more a cabaret act than a musical in the traditional sense. The cast, Kate Baldwin, Neal Mayer and Michael McCoy perform a variety of tunes concering the evils of the Bush Administration. They also do impersonations - Michael McCoy does a good Bush and Baldwin was spot on as God - and the role gave her a chance to show off her impressive voice.

Highlights of the show include "Crazy Ann Coulter", "Culture of Life" and "Das Busch ist Schlect" (Schlect was done in the art song style of Robert Schumann.)

It was definitely a heartening experience to be in a room of people who get it - who understand just how crazy and radical the rightwing have become. And can laugh hysterically about it, in between moments of utter bafflement and outrage.

We're going back and taking a bunch of people from work with us.

How can 59 million people be so dumb? Of course these days even my mother, a conservative anti-abortion Catholic says she doesn't like Bush. If only the election could be held today (assuming the voting machines aren't tampered with.)