Monday, January 23, 2006

Vanity Fair editor praises Norah Vincent

No surprise, David Kamp, a contributing editor for Vanity Fair, praises conservative asshole-about-town Norah Vincent for dressing like a man and telling us about the world of men.

The worst aspect of the review was to hear how swell it is that Vincent explored the world of white trash men, or as Kamp has it "unglamorous male milieus that are well off the radar of most journalists and book authors."

White trash men are the salt of the earth, you see, exchanging manly handshakes, "worlds away from the 'fake and cold' air kisses and limp handshakes exchanged by women" and they revere their wives while visiting strip clubs. They make homophobic remarks, but no doubt Vincent finds it refreshing proof that they aren't pussywhipped by political correctness.

There are few things more irksome then Norah Vincent. One of them is some Vanity Fair fop praising her for her anthropological studies of white trash men. I spent the greater part of my life getting OUT of the white trash world and I don't need a privileged fuckhead like Vincent to tell me what it's like.

Judging by her web site Vincent's biggest fans are anti-abortion old fart Nat Hentoff, famous hypocrite Andrew Sullivan, and the world's biggest asshole, Camille Paglia.