Sunday, December 12, 2021

The Beatles - Get Back - Part 4

Probably my favorite line in the whole show.

John wanted to make Billy Preston the official fifth Beatle.

It's safe to say Jimmy Nichol was at the bottom of the Fifth Beatle candidates list. 

They didn't have to worry about Billy Preston eyeing all the women - he was gay, although very closeted at this time.

I didn't realize Ringo was a SONY camcorder pioneer.

That's a drink.

Although George does get credit for asking for a prepared piano for "For You Blue" - the "paper-prepared piano" was pioneered by my boy Erik Satie.

And he gets even more credit for sporting psychedelic proto-Uggs.

Oh look, it's Pattie Harrison for five seconds. She's the anti-Yoko.

The only Beatle woman who showed up even less often during the Beatles' recording sessions was Jane Asher. But Asher was history at this point. According to Paul's rebound girlfriend Francie Schwartz, Paul actually speculated that Jane had a guy on the side when she was on theater tour. If she did it would serve him right - Paul cheated on Jane constantly. 

I tracked down Schwartz's book with a chapter about her time with Paul. I will be writing about that soon. Beatle wives/girlfriends generally observed the law of omertà, and Jane was the most tight-lipped of all, refraining from saying a single word about her relationship with Paul ever.

Francie, however, spilled some strong tea.

Speaking of Jane, Paul gets no credit for mis-identifying Pattie as Cynthia in this video segment with Jane and Mike Love.

I did love the video clips from Rishikesh. Peter Jackson got cute, but it was great.

Get Back deep cut - what Paul is referring to here is "bagism" which started when John and Yoko gave a press conference from inside a bag. One of their more successful bits I think.

And of course...