Monday, December 06, 2021

The Beatles - Get Back - part 2

This is the scene during which McCartney works out Get Back while Ringo and George yawn. Although to be fair, you could see Ringo tapping his foot.

A lot of drinking.

Ugh - Dick James. I don't think McCartney liked him at all. The conversations James has with the Beatles made him seem extremely crass, and later the Beatles made fun of him while jamming. McCartney responds to the comment in the picture below with something like "I don't think you paid enough."

Yes Yoko was annoying but this was one of the most charming moments in the original "Let It Be" movie - waltzing to "I Me Mine." Although I think George wrote that song as a message to the others.

Paul was a very fit 26-year-old. Here he jumps over a chair back, like it's nothing.

Nobody needs Eric Clapton.

No freaking body.

Curiously, in its first incarnation, Get Back was a protest song against, of all people, Enoch Powell. 

During the end of part 1, John and Paul got into it together, and I think this annoyed George as much as  anything else. When J&P get into a groove, there's nothing like it. I think George felt left out.

And he's off.