Tuesday, February 18, 2020

I, Peppa Pig

Speaking of I, Claudius, I just realized that two cast members from that series are voice actors for the British childrens' cartoon show Peppa Pig.

Brian Blessed, who played the emperor Augustus in I, Claudius, plays Grampy Rabbit.

And Frances White, who played Julia, the daughter of Augustus (even though she's only two years younger than Blessed) plays Granny Pig.

So how do I know about Peppa Pig in the first place?

Because I practice French by watching Peppa Pig in French. In general they speak slowly and clearly which helps me understand.

There's a lot more Peppa Pig content in English than in French though, so lately I've had to branch out into another British TV show in French Le Petit Royaume de Ben et Holly about a society of elves and fairies.