Friday, November 17, 2017

What's up FRANCE?

This British dude used to have a series called "What the F**k France?" but he toned it down and renamed it "What's up France" although he pronounces France closer to "Frawnce" as the British do.

Thanks to this episode I find Macron's been writing poetry.

Here it is:
On a trip to Paris one day, little Sophie 
Met a giant lady lighting up the night sky. 
"What's your name, you magical monster?" 
"My many visitors call me the Eiffel Tower." 
"In all your attire, don't you sometime tire 
Of being seen only as a humdrum tower? 
You, a dragon, a fairy watching over Paris, 
An Olympic torch held aloft in grey skies?" 
"How you flatter me! So few poets these days 
Ever sing the praises of my Parisian soul, 
As did Cocteau, Aragon, Cendrars, 
Trenet and Apollinaire… Since you're so good 
At seeing beneath the surface, you could- 
If you like, when you're back from France- 
Take up your pen and write down 
Why you like me-it would be nice and fun!" 
"You can count on me! There's so much to say! 
I'll write twenty lines…but who will read them? 
""Well, I know a man who'll read your verse." 
"Really? Who?" 
"The President of France."

I don't think our president is even capable of writing a dirty limerick.