Wednesday, February 15, 2017

One year on the UWS

I got the keys to my new apartment one year ago today, as I documented on this blog.

I like living on the UWS. And luckily my landlord only jacked the rent by $50 this year, so that's OK. But even more so, my present landlord isn't a nosy creep like my previous landlord was - as long as I pay my rent on time my current landlord doesn't want to know anything about me. Unlike the creep in Astoria - actually he lived in Fort Lee. Anyway, I do not miss my old landlord in the least.

The Upper West Side is pretty much better than Astoria in every way, as far as amenities, location, etc. Astoria is famous for Greek food, but I really don't like Greek food - it's all silence of the lambs and retsina wine and olives and their desserts are all filo pastry drowned in honey.

And even though it's half the size of my old apartment, it doesn't feel that much smaller. And my cats like it just fine. And that's the most important thing.